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About Us

The PURPLE MOON DANCE PROJECT was founded by Jill Togawa in 1992 to realize a creative vision: 

Purple Moon Dance Project explores the continuum of intimacy between women and illuminates less visible, and unheard stories from our communities, through the integration of non-western and western dance forms and aesthetics and interdisciplinary collaboration. Its underlying mission is to contribute to transformation, peace and healing in our society, through the medium of dance. Purple Moon's work is "diversity made physical!"

Purple Moon’s work is diversity made physical.

Purple Moon produces an annual ‘home season’ of work in San Francisco, and tours nationally and internationally. Their work has been presented at the NGO Forum on Women in Beijing, China, the Gay Games Cultural Festival in New York, at Highways, in Santa Monica, California, as well as other venues in Oregon, New Mexicao, Hawai'i, and California.

Purple Moon’s artists also offer workshops for women and girls without formal dance training, and for community organizations who work with lesbians and women of color. Through its performance and educational activities, Purple Moon's vision is to contribute to social change, peace and healing in our society. 

We are looking for people to join the Purple Moon Support Circle !!!

The Circle is our Board of Directors -- a diverse group of women interested in furthering Purple Moon's work, working in an environment which supports each woman's contribution equally. Members' primary responsibility is to support financial stability, which included: making an annual contribution pledge, making personal requests of individuals, and planning and coordinating at least one fundraising event a year. In addition, we provide administrative guidance to the staff and participate in the hiring and evaluation process of staff.

Full Circle meetings are held once a month or once every other month--with additional committee work for special events.  There is also an annual full day retreat.  Circle members are expected to purchase tickets and attend 'home season' (self produced) performances of Purple Moon which occur once every year or year and a half.

Advisory Circle

Advisory Circle members do not regularly attend meetings or participate in administrative decisions. They do offer assistance and guidance with fundraising, event planning and overall direction of the organization.

Please contact us at 415-552-1105 if you are interested in joining us. :-)

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