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"Each of its carefully measured steps seemed filled with a quiet joy." New York Times

"Art which seems to illuminate the `real essence' of ourselves"
"...beautiful...offered a tender and graceful presence." San Francisco Bay Times

"Extremely simple and telling." The Bay Guardian

"Lush, graceful, serenity..." Los Angeles Times

"Togawa is an important voice that speaks for minority American women. ...'Bathing' created an atmosphere of serenity and was a moving collage of sensual energy." Hokubei Mainichi


`Floating lanterns, fire's brightness on glassy water's surface, bodies moving with grace, beauty and strength. A finely woven mix of Western and Asian sensibilities.' 'your work spoke to my soul.' Deborah Oakley Melvin

`Thank you for teaching me how to do very interesting dancing. I liked when we made our bodies talk.' Brigitte Danridge, All Girls Photo Project.

`I did not expect the mindfullness and peacefulness that washed over me during your company's performance.' `I felt such a sense of spaciousness...

And I wondered how different our world would be if women were who they could be in the outer world, if we were invited to be present in such a way.' Roma Hammel.


Download an article by Jill Togawa for the California Arts Council.

Download an article about the Fresno performance of When Dreams Are Interrupted.

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