Comments about the May 2009 performance

“ that pays tribute to the ‘interrupted dreams’ of Japanese-Americans...”
--Nikkei West

“With this production, Togawa comes full circle...”
--Hokubei Mainichi

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Jill Togawa and Purple Moon Dance Project
in celebration of 20 years present



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'Uhane...ten unstoppable women become one multi-faceted voice. Nine hundred and fifty one years of deeply rooted stories that will take you on a personal journey of revelation. Daring to remember ghosts and shadows, fearless illuminations...

In the tales of 'Uhane, bodies swirl, extend, caress, in a whisper that is tender but strong, unearthing memories - is this real or an imagined ghost story? A seamless weaving of gesture, emotion driven movement, and choreography that is infused with the clarity of voice.

'Uhane will be Purple Moon Dance Project founder and Artistic Director Jill Togawa's last San Francisco performances and PMDP's most ambitious collective presentation

"This is the 20th anniversary of Purple Moon and my body is telling me it's time to go home," says Jill.

Leaving the Bay Area's artistic community after nearly 30 years, Togawa plans to continue an active but different role with PMDP, expanding touring activities and pursuing independent collaborations and projects outside the Bay Area.

COLLABORATORS: Guest Direction: Terry Sendgraff, Visuals: Pam Peniston, Lighting: Stephanie Johnson, Music: Claudia Cuentas &Recordings: Jami Sieber. PERFORMERS: Ruth Ichinaga, Arisika Razak, Sharon Sato, Susan Almazol, BB Borowitz, Sandra Easley, Sharon Haines, Nancy Leatzow, Ellen Levin, Gail Steinberg.

Friday April 13 at 8pm.
Saturday April 14 -FUNDRAISER

- reception honoring Purple Moon Luminaries at 6pm before the performance
- tickets for reception and performance on Saturday $40
Sunday April 15 at 2pm

please come to 'Uhane
The Theater at the Children's Creative Museum (formerly ZEUM)
Yerba Buena Rooftop
221 Fourth Street, San Francisco
$20/ $25 at the door, elder/student discount

Rehearsal video

Performance videos

Photos from the 'Uhane performace

When Dreams Are Interrupted: Sacramento
February 23, Crocker Museum, 7pm

Photo by: Theresa C. Thadani

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During World War II, Japanese Americans from all over the country were ordered by the United States government to relocate to internment camps located throughout middle America. In honor of the annual Day of Remembrance, the day that commemorates the signing of Executive Order 9066, PMDP will present When Dreams Are Interrupted in Sacramento, CA at the Crocker Museum on February 23rd as part of the "Thursdays 'til 9" performing art series.

Sacramento was home to a large, thriving Japantown that served as a downtown for the Japanese immigrants working in the fields and orchards in the northern region of California. Although, it was re-established after the war, it was forced out several times during the redevelopment era, with the establishment of state office building on Capitol Avenue in the 1950s, the construction of Highway 99/I-5 in the 1960s, and all but destroyed as a result of the development of the Capitol Mall on K Street. Through movement and memories, When Dreams Are Interrupted will uplift the traces of a former street-scape and the imprint of a community that persists through its re-telling of stories and civic engagement.

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